About Me

Growing up in Englewood, NJ and attending high school at the Heschel School in Manhattan, Maxwell (Max) A. Goldberg is a fourth-year Materials Science and Engineering major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Max is motivated by the disruptive combination of engineering, entrepreneurship, and the ability to tell compelling stories about tangible, pragmatic technologies and their implications. Max’s long-term mission is to open up the next imminent economic frontier of space exploration through developing resource utilization technologies. Specifically, he is passionate about finding ways to utilize resources on other planets in order to create functional electronic, consumable, and structural materials to support mankind’s colonization and exploration of Mars.

Currently, Max works as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence for Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, primarily serving as the Director of Dr. Diamandis’ Strike Force Fellowship Program.  Additionally, Max recently co-founded the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s UW-Space Race Team, where he operates as advisor and Entrepreneur-In-Residence. UW-Space Race is building what will be the first student-designed liquid rocket to reach the start of space.

Max spent his first two college years serving as the Battery Team Lead on Badgerloop (a 3X award-winning SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team), designing and building their high-powered battery system while pursuing sponsorships, partnerships, and fundraising.

Drawing on Max’s experiences as a college entrepreneur, he founded Next Frontier, LLC to answer the question: How can college entrepreneurs efficiently utilize the unique set of resources available to them as full-time students? Next Frontier now answers this critical question through an event series and long-form podcast.

As a Muay Thai fanatic and former fighter, Max spends his breaks and free time training, learning martial arts, and obsessing over fitness & nutrition.