Growing up in Englewood, NJ and attending high school at the Heschel School in Manhattan, Max is a third-year Materials Science and Engineering Major with a minor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin.

Motivated by the disruptive combination of engineering and entrepreneurship, Max spent his first two college years serving as the Battery Team Lead on Badgerloop (a 3X award-winning SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team), designing and building their high-powered battery system while pursuing sponsorships, partnerships, and fundraising.

Other highlights of his engineering journey include researching nanoparticles for physiology applications and carbon nano-structures for semiconductor device applications as well as hands-on rapid prototyping as a Student Maker [Worker] at the University Makerspace.

Max’s fascination with resource utilization technologies is a key driver of his curiosity and development; he is particularly focused on applications in space exploration.

As a Muay Thai fanatic and former fighter, Max spends his breaks and free time training, learning martial arts, and obsessing over nutrition.